official launch day.

i'm so excited because today is the launch of my new and shiny official website!

please click on over to... www.joyeusephotography.com

unfortunately, i will no longer be updating this blog here, but i am excited to move forward into the next phase of art and blogging.

so please, change your google/rss feeds to the new website and join me over there.

thank you!


good things are yet to come.

i've really struggled this weekend. my perseverance levels are down and i am struggling to continue believing that joseph will get a job and people will ever pay me for my photography.

but i just took this photo this afternoon and it gives me hope that i will find my way along this journey of trusting Jesus with everything.


coming soon...

ladies and gentlemen,

i'm proud to announce that a new site is to come. what's the occasion?

joyeuse photography is soon to be launched!

i'm working around the clock to get everything designed and in place.

the only thing set in stone at this point is my logo.

and i love it!


how i get through the day.

everything is in His hands. and i'm thankful He reminds me every day.


that time i let spontaneity free me.

if any word could sum up my experience with moving. my spiritual condition. or my life in the past month, it would be freedom.  and there is nothing like a spontaneous trip to DC that could drive that point home.